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"I am so happy, my dear friend, so aI was the lucky recipient of an (GrandeHealth+) hiBOD MASSAGE chair, from my wonderful son and his family, for my 60th Birthday. I have experienced every type of massage, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction. However, with this chair I no sooner find a favourite programme, when another appears! The chair itself is very fitting and made of soft, good quality material, easy to clean. It is white in colour, which blends effortlessly into my colour scheme. The 24 automatic programmes are well planned and easily accessed through the intuitive Touch Screen, which is easy to navigate. If you ever exhaust the Automatic options, then an infinite array of manual settings are available to customise your massage experience. The only downside is that I find it so, so difficult to come back down to earth at the end of a session, and would happily stay on it all day!!bsorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment."
Deborah Gill
Manly, NSW
Few words can describe my first experience in a hiBOD massage chair, but if I were to find one, that would be: out of this world. The PhysioMate+ chair is an excellent machine and really does what it supposes to do, take the massage experience to a completely new level, and all the magic happens right in the cosiness of my living room after a hard day at the Medical Centre. Precise, completely adjustable, technologized, intense or mild, perfect for massaging my entire body after a full day at the Practice. A healing experience for body, mind and soul. Furthermore, the entire experience with hibod was a positive one, from the moment I have reached towards them, decided upon one of their chairs and placed my order, till the moment I have received my product I had all the support of the client service department at every step of the way. The Free delivery and install was in time and without any problems. I fully recommend them and their massage chairs
Dr Sharma
Tuggeranong ACT
CardioMate+ has an amazing design and the massage experience is beyond my expectations. It truly gives an exhilarating experience! By the way I chose Blue and it is just eye catching where it is sitting in my living Area! Thanks David and the hiBOD team.
A chair that matches very nicely with the rest of my furniture but which also has a wide range of automated programs. Best choice I have ever made!
After having telephone and email contact with David and receiving a description of different chairs, I decided to get the GrandeHealth+ massage chair. The chair was transported by appointment, nice and service-minded guys carried it upstairs, installed and informed me about how I would use the chair. David has since been available via email and phone and kindly answered all my questions. I am very happy with the chair! In addition to the automatic programs, I can customize different massage methods according to my own wishes and desired program length. So good to be able to have a massage at home when it suits me without having to make an appointment! I highly recommend the Massage Chairs Online the service has been perfect!
Mt Keira NSW
“I did some research and decided that we wanted the best chair on the market. I have some back and neck problems and I can say that after more than two weeks of using the massage chair, I feel much better and have much more energy. I chose what was more expensive because we wanted the latest and the best model. As far as the massage is concerned, I can say it is fantastic.
Mr Knautz
Merewhether NSW
"I never imagined that a massage chair could offer such an effective back massage. I can actually feel my back pain and fatigue disappear. The price is very good and the quality of the materials is greater by far than that of the Masseur massage chair. This compact chair is very beautiful and great when it comes to the massage it can offer." The 6 automatic programs and the Aircushions built into this Compact and affordable chair is what make the difference i guess. I will recommend you guys any day!
Hinchinbrook NSW
"After a hard 10 -12 hour shift Driving Taxis , nothing is better than a good, Fast and firm massage to recover, that I can now do that at home is very nice. The combination of a full body massage and the heaviest intensity level greatly helps my recovery so I am ready for the next Shift! The difference between hiBod and others was My Ferocious Red Ferrari was hand delivered and installed by two gentleman who had travelled all the way from Sydney just to make sure that I was happy with my so called Ferrari Massage Chair Purchase!
Albury NSW
Purchased the Physiomate and was delivered and set up quicker than expected considering I am in Chifley ACT . Had the chair now for about 6 months so have had a good chance to check it out. Have to say that I really like it and have tried most of the preset features aswell as making some up. I personally find the Thai stretching massage and the Neck and Shoulder massage for my Left Shoulder are the best for me. Would definitely recommend this massage chair.
Sam Khan
Chifley ACT
The GrandeHealth+ chair is life changing! I use it twice a day, 15 min in the morning before work, and 20 at night before bed. As a result, I sleep more soundly, my range of motion has improved significantly, and my overall health/quality of life is better. I am in my mid-50s and very active. My massage chair helps me recover more quickly after workouts, long hikes, and hours bending over in the garden. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who is health conscience and looking for a better quality of life! I just love it! <3
Mark Reese
Notting Hill VIC
The team at hiBod has been perfect gentlemen and has the patience of Methuselah. They really gave me a genuine sense of righteousness towards their products. So far I am very happy with my experience with the Massage Chair. The chair was delivered and installed by professionals. I couldn't have installed it by myself and I couldn't have moved it to the place I needed by myself.
Jacob Speight
Fernbank Creek
The team spent quite a bit of time discussing the pros and cons of several of their chairs. They never pushed me in a direction, but provided information for me to make my own decision. I am awaiting the chair and will say so far that the experience was above the norm.
Cloe Boyland
Callala Bay NSW
I'm in love with my new massage chair, it blend effortlessly with the other furniture in my living room. In addition to a reclining function, it works as a comfy rocker and even swivels a full 360 degrees. The included remote control, the LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons to made for smooth accessibility. The chair also has voice commands, so I can control and customize your experience without lifting a finger.
Olivia Brigstocke
Benowa QLD
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